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Has a public body treated you unfairly? Do you suspect that the decision given was unlawful or that your human rights have been violated?

Public bodies such as local authorities, central government, schools, universities, NHS trusts, the police, the CPS, Parole Boards, the Home Office, and many others, make important decisions that can affect our lives. Sometimes these decisions can be unlawful and may need to be challenged.

What can we help you with?

IM Solicitors can help individuals, representative groups, or companies to have their voices heard, ensuring that the public body looks again at the decision, preferably before any damage is done. If you suspect that a public body has made an unfair or unlawful decision, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. Cases must be brought within three months of the decision, and some even sooner.

Potential claims can include:
 Wrongful arrest and unlawful detention
 Assault/battery
 Malicious prosecution
 Misfeasance in public office
 Breaches of the Human Rights Act or the Equality Act
 Unlawful strip searches
 Trespass to land or property

Judicial review is the main legal process used to hold public bodies to account. Our aim is to develop an effective strategy, however novel or complex. A powerfully worded letter, complaint or internal appeal can sometimes be sufficient.

If it is not, it may be necessary to bring judicial review proceedings and we have experience of
litigating at all levels of the Courts, from the High Court to the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, and European Court of Human Rights.

020 7112 5338We regularly advise vulnerable clients on issues including maladministration, negligence, procedural errors, or unreasonable decision making.

In particular, we can help with:

 Entitlement to reasons
 Preparation of your application for permission to bring a judicial review action
 Representation before the Administrative Court, including obtaining interim relief and emergency orders
 Challenges to legislation
 Claims for damages
 Help with Ombudsman and complaints schemes

Choose a specialist

We hold a Legal Aid Agency contract in Public Law. Our team regularly brings public law challenges against government decisions – mostly through judicial review proceedings, where the court is asked to review whether a decision is lawful or not. We also help clients seeking compensation from the state where it has acted unlawfully. We work with some of the best barristers in the country to bring these challenges.

We understand that everyone and every situation differs, which is why we provide services that are tailored to your needs. We provide a comprehensive service, which combines our expert legal and practical advice with empathy and understanding. Rest assured, we will listen to you and quickly build up an accurate picture of the context, circumstances, and dependencies of your case.

What are the costs?

We have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency so can offer legal aid, subject to eligibility criteria for most cases. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to obtain Legal Aid to fund your case.

If Legal Aid is not available, we can advise on private funding arrangements. We will discuss your funding options at the outset, give you a clear estimate of likely costs, and keep you informed of costs incurred at regular intervals.

If you require help or assistance with a public law matter, please email or call 020 7112 5338


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