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Dealing with the grief and processes involved in the death of a loved one is distressing enough, without having to become involved in an inquest or public inquiry, if the cause of death is unknown or unclear.

Whatever the circumstances, it is important that you have legal representation to ask the right questions and steer the right course, especially if the inquest or inquiry involves public institutions such as the police, NHS, or prison service.

What can we help you with?

IM Solicitors are experienced in supporting families who believe their loved ones have died at the hands of the state or that the state has failed to take steps to protect their life, specifically whether the deceased’s ‘right to life’ was breached. An inquest is held to establish who the deceased was and their cause of death, whilst a public inquiry will cover a much broader remit, considering more evidence.

In representing you, we can:

Help secure vital evidence: uncovering the truth about the circumstances in which someone died.

Question witnesses: this typically includes witnesses at the scene, police officers, paramedics, medical and forensic experts, and the pathologist who conducted the post-mortem.

Post-mortem: if there is any doubt regarding the pathologist’s report, we can help secure a second post-mortem.

Helping you give evidence: we can help with written and oral submissions you may need to make at an inquest or inquiry, including preparing for likely lines of questioning.

Deal with the media: we can brief the media on your behalf via an interview or pre-prepared statement.

Make a civil claim: if the death is considered avoidable, we can advise you on pursuing a civil claim for damages.

Address matters of law: we can raise points of law, which highlight the need for change, to help prevent further deaths in similar circumstances.

Choose a specialist

Our clients most commonly have lost loved ones because of a death in police custody, in prison, at a mental health facility, in the workplace, or in a medical setting. Families can feel frustrated, angered, and denied justice, as they are unfamiliar with the process, their rights, the time limits, and the roles of each of the state representatives involved.

Inquests or inquiries can be lengthy, detailed, and complex, and you will benefit from having the support of expert solicitors to help find out whether more could have been done to prevent your loved one’s death.

Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with inquests and public inquiries relating to all scenarios.
We will provide friendly, expert support and ensure your voice is heard.

What are the costs?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the death, you may be able to obtain Legal Aid or have your inquest representation funded. If Legal Aid is not available, we can work on an hourly rate. We will discuss your funding options at the outset, give you a clear estimate of likely costs, and keep you informed of costs incurred at regular intervals.
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