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Ibrahim Mustafa (IM) LLP are committed to preserving the fundamental human rights and civil liberties to which we are all entitled. Our experienced team of lawyers can provide expert advice and support on a wide range of human rights and civil liberties issues, from discrimination and data protection to asylum matters.

What can we help you with?

Civil liberties cases involve individuals who feel other individuals or public authorities have abused their rights. Civil liberties are those freedoms protected by UK law, such as the Human Rights Act, Data Protection Act, the Equality Act etc. Although public and private bodies are expected to comply with such laws, we are ready to assist you if that does not happen.

The Human Rights Act 1998 extends the range of protection for the individual in the UK to include the right to liberty and security, the right to a fair trial, the right to freedom of thought, concession and religion, the right to freedom of expression and it also prohibits discrimination.

Human rights cases can now be brought directly to Court in the UK (including the County and High Court), instead of in Strasbourg. If the Court finds that the public authority has violated the person’s rights, it can award an appropriate remedy, which could include damages (compensation).

IM Solicitors offers a comprehensive range of support in human rights and civil liberties law, including:

 Discrimination: including race, gender, age, disability, and sexual orientation.
 Freedom of expression: including freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly.
 Privacy and data protection: including infringement of personal data and issues surrounding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

 Human Rights: we can provide expert representation in complex and high-profile cases, including victims of torture, trafficking, domestic violence and defending the individual against allegations of national security risk or suspected terrorism.

Asylum cases: including helping those who have overstayed their visas in the UK, have entered the UK without permission, or seek asylum due to safety fears in their country of origin. This includes advising on threatened deportation, appeals to SIAC (the Special
Immigration Appeals Commission), denial of citizenship, and exclusion from the Refugee Convention.

Choose a specialist

We have a dedicated, experienced, and committed team specialising in cases where the rights and freedoms of the individual are infringed. We can advise clients on the legal limits of these freedoms and represent the individual in legal proceedings.

Our civil liberties team has an excellent track record and has secured an endless number of positive outcomes over the years, including success in challenging the Home Office to secure our client’s rights in the UK.

We take time to understand the individual circumstances and challenges faced by our clients and to deal with their issues in a sensitive and empathetic manner.

What are the costs?

We have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency so can offer legal aid, subject to eligibility criteria for some cases.

If Legal Aid is not available, we can advise on private funding arrangements. We will discuss your funding options at the outset, give you a clear estimate of likely costs, and keep you informed of costs incurred at regular intervals.
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